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Periodic Test


Library Rule

1. Students may borrow the book from the library on producing library card.
2. Strict silence shall be observed in the library.
3. Students who keep books longer than the permitted time will be fined Rs 1/-per day.
4. Books in the reference section should not be taken out of the library.
5. Never write on any library books or tear anything out of it. Take care of it.
6. The attention of the librarian should be drawn for the damaged books about to be borrowed.
7. Each pupil is entitled to take one book while each teacher is entitled to take two books at a time and keep the same for seven days. Periodical publications, dictionaries, guides and other costly reference books shall not be lent out.
8. Books should be covered and used.
9. Books taken from the library must be returned two weeks before an examination.
10. Library will remain open during school hours only.


Examination And Promotion Rules


1. Promotion to the next class  at the end of an academic year will depend upon the performance of the pupil in the exams and tests conducted throughout the year, Weight age will also be given to the class work Home Work, Project Work, Weekly Tests attendance of by the pupil.
2. There is no provision of Re-Examination for the absentees in any examination.
3. All the pupil are required to attend the classes regularly, if the attendance is less than 75% they will be disqualified from the appearing at the Terminal Examination. Any relaxation in attendance will be decided by the Principal only.



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